Monday, October 23, 2017

Kiwi Can Jam. By Ana

IALT:Reflect what I learned during our Kiwi Can Jam Practices.

Today and the last week of Term 3 was so cool because we just got put in to the Kiwi Can Jam Performance. The Kiwi Can Jam Performance is when you create something and then show it at the Performance Night. What Miss Lily created was a Dance and a song that was already made. The song was called Hold on, Change is coming and the song we are dancing to is by Chris brown and it is called Gimme and the other song is Im the one by Dj Khaled. How the routine goes is that  Me,Nesi and Losana are SInging the Hold on Song and then the others girls are gonna do a dance to I'm the one and then we are gonna combine and dance to the Gimme That. After we all went through the whole routine we had to do it more times so we could get use to is

What I found challenging was learning the song because I have never heard that song before. What I enjoyed was that we had funny time when we cake it.

I hope you like it Comment Feedback and Feedforward on what I need to work on.


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