Sunday, February 19, 2017

Gary's summary from Technology

Every Thursday Room 9 and 10 go to Tamaki College for Technology. Look at Gary's awesome summary from last weeks lesson!

I am learning to write about my Technology session I participated in today.

Today we went to Tamaki College for our 2nd Technology session. The difference between last week's session and today's session is that the weather today is raining meaning the smell of dampness filled the bus. Inside the bus it smelt like wet dogs, well that's what I thought I smelt but it could've been something else. No Offense to my peers. The routine from here to Tamaki College only takes about 4 minutes, I was relieved when the bus finally pulled up at the gates of Tamaki College as I stepped out onto the wet concrete people started kicking the puddles. 
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I wasn't too happy with that but they were boys, and boys are boys. My group walked to Mr Grundy's class where he was waiting for us, that was unusual because most times he walks with us to his class but the rain had stopped him from doing that. The weather outside was cold, so I was very glad when I stepped inside the classroom where no rain could reach me. I walked in the class and noticed other kids going up to get their piece of paper so I followed them, Mr Grundy said last week that we had to have 15 designs that could work and be made but today he cut it down to 9 or 10. 

For me I thought that thinking about the designs was really hard because I didn't want to make something that was already made. So I took a walk around the class to get some ideas, some of them were simple like a box, car and a truck but I saw a design called a Jewelry Tree I thought that was very creative but I wasn't a girl so I didn't want to do it. This week I was hoping that we could start creating something, but it turned out to be the opposite! We were still coming up with designs and I thought it was boring. 

After that Mr Grundy said "Front and Centre" meaning we all had to surround a table, I was trying to pick something off Metui's pants but Mr Grundy thought we were playing and me and him was sent outside. When me and Metui was waiting outside some of the kids were getting cheeky from inside. They thought they were funny but actually they weren't. It had been about 5 minutes and me and Metui were still waiting outside, then Mr Grundy arrived he didn't look to mad but he said we've already spent enough time mucking around and it was time to get some work done. 

I had finished my work and put my name on the board, I was happy to finally realise that my time had come but then it turned around! Mr Grundy has to speak to some other people who were wasting time and he forgot all about checking my work. I was waiting for him to finish and when he did he didn't bother coming back. "Is that how it is now" I thought. But I didn't really care because time was almost up. But before he left he gave us a talk about 'Finishing work and using time wisely' 
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Next week I hope that I can get my work CHECKED and then be able to start sketching my design. My next steps in learning is to write a reflection, not a recount. I think it's because I get too carried away with my experience but I want to just stick with some simple but in depth thinking. A challenge I found during this session was not being able to get my work checked and approved.

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  1. Kia Ora Room 9 I'm Joel From EWC1. I'm really looking forward to reading more blog posts from your class over the rest of the year. I thought your story about Technology was really interesting. I really hope you get your work checked next time! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Kia ora Room 9,
    I am Julia and I'm really looking forward to chatting. about Technology
    We are from Edgewater 1 at Sommerville Special School. Keep on going you did a great job.

  3. Hello room 9 at Tamaki.

    My name is Mina and I go to Edgewater Collage. I have been in this school for almost 3 years. I enjoyed reading your post. It was really interesting and funny at the same time.

  4. Hi Room 9,
    I like your fun story about technology Gary.
    I'm from Edgewater School. I am Ruby and 14 years old, I have been here for almost 2 years and I like rainbows. I am looking forward to blogging with your class.