Sunday, February 19, 2017

Why I applied to be a Student Leader.

I am learning to explain why I applied to be a Student Council

One reason why I applied to become a Student Leader was because, I want to try and make a difference at school. I also applied so I can try my best to see what difference I can make from last year. I also wanted to become a Student leader so I can have more opportunities to offer a helping hand, and take more responsibility around the school. Lastly the reason why I want to become a student council is also because, I want to try and help others to become the person they aim and try to be! I hope I will become a student leader this year so I can take more responsibility and pitch in this year as a very helping person!

Lastly, I want to join the Student Council team, to see the improvements I made from last year, and also the changes I make from last year!
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  1. Good morning room 9
    I like your news about you trying to help others. I want to be a leader as well. Wishing you a good luck.
    Matthew from Edgewater 1

  2. Good morning Room 9
    I am kyi kyaw from Edgewater Room 1. Hope you are a council member now. Keep up with your good thoughts.

  3. Hello Room 9,
    My name is Thiha from EWC1. I really like your story because it tells me about your plans. Good luck getting on the school council leader.

  4. Hi room 9 at Tamaki Primary,
    My name is Adian and I'm in the Edgewater 1 class at Edgewater College. This is my first year at Edgewater,I was nervous at first because everything was a bit different but now I'm enjoying it. We are going to be your blog buddies. I like that you want to be a Council Leader and to be able to make big changes in your school.

  5. Morena Losana,
    Your application to become a student leader is really inspiring. We wish you all the best and we hope that you are able to become a student leader. Our school also provides leadership opportunities for our senior students. Good luck! From Room 7 at Saint Patrick's School.