Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Aletheia's experience during Food Technology.

Today we are doing food tec.In this google drawing I am going to tell what I did with Food tec at Tamaki College.

My experience with this was great since we got to get into groups.What was really hard was trying to cook in a frying pan which was really hot.What was really cool was working with my parnter Lizzy.


  1. Hello there guys, my name is Serene and I am a Student in Room 7 at Waikowhai Primary School. I really like the chicken fries you made . It made me feel so good because the food looked so good. Next time I think you should correct your writing, not trying to be mean! If you would like to see my learning, My Blog Is at
    Blog Ya later!

    From, Serene 😆 ; )

  2. Hi there, my name is Faidhi, I really like the idea of making chicken fries for your cooking.Next time, can you make more things like this because they look delicious. Check out my blog, it's