Thursday, March 2, 2017

Falakiko's post about pollution!

Pollution is when you throw rubbish on the floor causing it to go into the sea and making the animals and sea animals to eat.Air Pollution is a type of smoke that is dirt  and smoke that can come  out of a car too.And from different works that makes poles has air pollution as well.Pollution is caused by people that likes to throw rubbish. And it can be caused by smoking. Smoking is causing air pollution and that is bad because it can affect our health. And it can affect our future and kids. There is light pollution and light pollution is when the light from outside of your house shines into your room.

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There is air pollution and that is caused by cigarettes. And there is light pollution and that is caused by the light outside of your house is shining inside your room. And there is land pollution and land pollution can be caused by people throwing their- rubbish on the floor and making the animals eat it when it goes into the sea.Do You Think there's different pollution.Yes there is there is lot of different kind of pollution there is land pollution.Land pollution is caused in different ways.Like people catch rubbish.This is a story about pollution. Pollution can affect our health and also the sea as well also there is lot of thing that Water pollution,Air pollution,Land pollution and some other pollution.Thank you.


  1. Hi i'm Conroy from Waikowhai Primary School. I really enjoyed this post because it talked about how smoking could effect your health and how pollution is bad because it can effect air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution. If you want to visit my blog just go to

  2. Hi Room 9! We really like the clear explanations that you have written about pollution. We think pollution is a very serious problem that we all need to pay attention to. How are you reducing pollution at your school?
    Room 7 @ Saint Patrick's School

  3. Hi my name is Manea and I’m in room 7 and I am 9 years old. I come from Waikowhai Primary school. I really like your blog because you show us at waikowhai how to keep our environment clean.Come and check out our room 7 blog at Blog you later

  4. Hi My Name is Marwa from WAKO

  5. Hi My Name is Marwa from WAIKOWHAI Primary. Thank you for telling us to put our rubbish in the bin. We all need to do this more. You can come to check out my blog at

  6. Good Morning Room 9
    I really love your story about pollution.

  7. Talofa Lava Room 9,
    My name is Lusia and i'm a year 8 student from St Pius X Catholic School.
    Outstanding work Falakiko! My class have been focusing on our environmental pollution around our Tamaki area, learning something new is such a good feeling huh?! Well great post and hope for an update every week! Bye!

  8. Hi there,my name is Calai and I am a student in room Waitemata at Waikowhai primary School. I really like how you put up a picture of pollution so we see what happens to the sea when we polluted it. It made me think of when we went to the Waikowhai beach and it was polluted so we picked up the rubbish and made it clean again. Have you thought about putting punctuation and more photo’s for more design?
    Please feel free to comment on my blog at http://wpscalair.

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