Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Congratulations Gary! What an achievement!

IALT: Write about my 600 blog post achievement.

It's been a long 3 and 1/2 years of being the proud owner of this blog. I first got my blog in 2014, when I was Year 5, now at the year of 2017, and past halfway through the year, I have reached the achievement of having 600 blog posts, all in total. Blogging for me has been one of the things I do best while year at Tamaki, I have always been told to blog to show proof of my finished work, and work that is at standard for my age. My first blog post was 'All about me' back in 2014, my latest blog post was my 'Music Reflection' Something that I have enjoyed the most while having my blog is getting both, feedback and feedforward, it helps me to improve my work and complete my work at the expected level, Level 4. 
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Growing up into the age of Maturity I looked up to Willie, the best blogger in the history of Tamaki Primary. Once he left our school at the age of 13 he already have 1,000 blog posts, his huge achievement made me want to be like him, meaning if I blog 400 blog posts in the next 2 terms I can be the second best blogger! If I were to reach 1,000 blog posts I would be mine blown because it is a really hard thing to do but if you put your mind and effort into it, you can achieve nothing, nothing in your way. 
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My blogging goal is to reach the maximum number of 1,000 and be recognized as one of the best bloggers in the history of Tamaki Primary. But I might not.

A challenge I found during my time blogging, is not reaching the expected level, but now that I am grown up I am ready to accept any challenge.

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