Thursday, June 22, 2017

Matariki Tree Planting

On Tuesday 21st June we got to celebrate Matariki by planting some trees!
This happened at the Paddington Reserve.  The Kura Kaupapa and Mad Ave were able to partner with the council to begin this process which is a development on the Omaru and Enviro mahi they are doing.

The aim is to create enviro movements that everyone can collaborate into so that we create a cohesively aligned voice for the Ecology. 
Take a look at what our Kia Manawanui syndicate experienced.
It was SO much fun!!! 🌿 😊 🌳


  1. My Experience there would be knowing that they plant trees to make a signal to a new beginning and it was great knowing to learn about another culture that was different to mine but it was fun planting trees.

  2. My experience of planting trees is that how to dig a hole and how to plant a tree!The walking is very tired but the tree planting is fun.And also I like the pictures!

  3. Hi,room 9 i like the way you guys worked hard to try walk to paddington rd, i can see you guys were having fun,I can that you guys just enjoying it there and I can see that you guys are having a great time planting.

  4. Hi my name is Lopeti and I like When you guys worked hard to try and looking after and check out my Blog.