Monday, June 5, 2017

That Sugar Film Pt.1 by Akanesi

WALT: Reflect about That Sugar Film (Part 1)!

Today, I and my buddies Ana and Leilani worked together on a presentation about a film we watched call That Sugar Film! Yesterday in the first block, We watched 30 or 25 minutes of the film and had to write about what we learnt on a presentation that Ms Komor and Ms Kyla shared to us! 

Here are some photos of some finished slides we did!

What I learnt in the film for Part 1 was there are four types of sugars and they are Glucose, Sucrose, Lactose and Sucrose. One fact about one of these sugars which is Glucose is a very important sugar that it helps our body and helps us survive and Lactose is a sugar that our body is concerned with and that doesn't know what to do with so that's why doctors and scientists are trying to figure why our body doesn't know how to work with the sugar Lactose!

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  1. Wow amazing work room 9 keep up the amazing work your class is great!